Gypsies and Shoppers day two

Gypsy baskets

Vale Adult Learners took on the Gypsy Basket challenge last month and after a fair amount of sighing, the odd curse or two and cries of please no more packing, beautiful shaped baskets unfolded.

Welsh Shoppers round two

The second day of the welsh shopper course took place last month. It was a pretty cold day and once again we were all huddled around the fire at the Heritage Coast Centre. With hoops, handles and ribs all dried out it was a day of weaving the basket. It’s quite a tricky basket if you keep the traditional weave going and try and shape the basket at the same time. Also helps if you’re told how to start the basket off properly in the first place, I blame brain freeze…

Happy New Year – Basketry Courses for 2011

A series of six basket making courses running every two months throughout the year designed to build your skills in basketmaking. Courses are suitable for complete beginners and can be booked individually.  You will take home a completed basket at the end of each course.
Choose from:
1.  Small round fruit or bread basket
Learn to weave a small round base using a pairing weave, then how to stake up a willow basket and learn a 3 rod wale weave.
2.  Frame basket for the kitchen
Learn how to weave an oval basket on a frame and how to make frames and ribs for a completely individual kitchen basket.
3.  Small fruit picking basket with handle
Small round base revised, new weave introduced – english randing, small handle inserted
4.  Frame basket for the garden
Frame baskets revisited, weaving a larger basket with handle to make a lovely garden trug.
5   Bowl shaped round basket
Round bases revisited, controlling the shape of your basket while weaving.
6.  Oval basket
Learn how to weave an oval base to make a small oval egg basket.
Course 1 – Wednesday 26th January 2011
Course 2 – Wednesday 30th March 2011
Course 3 – Wednesday 25th May 2011
Course 4 – Wednesday 27th July 2011
Course 5 – Wednesday 28th September 2011
Course 6 – Wednesday 30th November 2011 

All courses are one day courses, 9.30am-4.30pm and cost £50 per course.
Courses will be held at All Saints Church, Southerndown, Vale of Glamorgan.
Courses can be booked independently, deposits required 28 days prior to course date
A series of six progressive basket making courses running every two months throughout the year. Courses are suitable for those who have some experience in basket making and want to further their skills.

Choose from:
1  Frame baskets with handles
Learn how to make hoops with interlocking handles for frame baskets and weave a small collecting basket.
2  Oval shopper with handle liners
Oval bases revisited, weave a larger oval basket with handle liners.  Try one or two more baskets as homework and bring to the next course to learn how to insert and wrap handles into baskets.

3  Inserting and wrapping handles into previously made baskets
4  Welsh shopper
Learn how to make a traditional welsh frame basket using formas from basketmaker D J Davies. with a double handle.
5  Fitching
Learn traditional French fitching on a round  base
6  Square baskets – 2 days  Day 1 – square bases
Day 2 weaving the body of the basket.  Focus on practising control of weaves.
Course 1 – Thursday 27th January 2011
Course 2 – Thursday 24th March 2011
Course 3 – Thursday 26th May 2011
Course 4 – Thursday 28th July 2011
Course 5 – Thursday 29th September 2011
Course 6 – Thursday 1st December 2011 & Friday 2nd December

All courses are one day courses except for square baskets which is a two day course, 9.30am-4.30pm and cost £50 per course, squares, £100. Courses can be booked independently, deposits required 28 days prior to course date.

We really look forward to seeing you all again on some of these courses!