Oval shoppers day one and round shoppers day two with a bit of gypsy and sculpture thrown in

Round shoppers, gypsies and sculpture

We’ve had a lovely six courses teaching the Vale Adult Learners beginners basket making and they’ve made great progress along with some fantastic baskets.

The last course was in February and completed the two day round shopper course but there was also some time for finishing off the Gypsy baskets and in Nina’s case making a willow sculpture!

Everyone brought their half finished baskets back soaked and ready to go and before long were filling in the sides with a variety of weaving strokes. Nina managed to fit in a sculpture and a few others finished off their gypsy baskets while they were waiting for the stakes to be soaked enough for borders.┬áRather relieved to see the frogs hadn’t started spawning so we could use the local soaking tank.

Oval shoppers day one
Meanwhile the inters were embarking on the first day of the Oval Shopper course at the Heritage Coast Centre in Southerndown.
It was a fantastic day in February and we were able to work outside, spread out along the picnic tables and very little to clean up at the end.
A few brave people opted for black maul side stakes and so had to finish their borders at home but most will be finishing next time. Really nice variety of shapes and sizes and Diane and Mary had a go at packing up the sides. Looking forward to day two.