Getting in a Celtic Knot

More than a few of us converged on Dunraven Gardens, Southerndown on a very sunny 14 July for a jolly get together combined with a spot of Celtic Knot basket making.

We all spread out amongst the apple trees with our 36 willow rods, gathered them into six sets of six and began arranging them into a sort of Star of David pattern. Luckily we had printed instructions which Dawn kindly read out for phase 1, we all managed this successfully with little drama.

Phase 2 involved going over a teepee, in and out of a lake, through a door and back out the other side, all was good.  “I like this” Sarah H cried, and that was before the elderflower champagne 🙂

Phase 3 was slightly more taxing with the introduction of otters leaping in and out of pools, (don’t know who wrote the instructions but it wasn’t me…)

We knew Sarah L would be good at this, she has an incredible eye for patterns and she proved us right but all in all there wasn’t too much gnashing of teeth, swearing or heavy sighs at all really.

Lunch was a bring your own picnic and some delicious elderflower champagne made by Clare, it was lovely sitting in the beautiful warm sunshine just chatting and relaxing.

After lunch we tackled the ‘pulling in’, a marvelous way to tone up those bat wings, who needs Jane Fonda when they’ve got a celtic knot basket to manhandle. This is probably the most taxing part of the basket and takes quite a bit of effort to make the flat shape become a bowl shape.

All in all a great basket to do in a group, not a bodkin or rapping iron in sight and nobody ending up crying, result!


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