Welsh Basketmakers South Wales Group – June Meeting

There is a meeting this Monday June 27th at Colwinston Village Hall from 7pm to 9 pm. We are working on ‘Borders’ this month. Sarah Lart and Deb Hill have offered to lead groups of those with less experience in practising a simple border – we will also be making practice boards during the evening – if you have a drill please could you bring it. (Any other volunteers for leading groups would be most welcome!)

I will photocopy some practice borders from the Basketmaker’s Association Borders books so that everyone will be able to have a go at something from a diagram but with a helping hand near should you run into trouble..

If you are coming to the meeting for the first time it would probably be as well for you to be prepared to meet new friends, watch, eat cake, have a drink and chat and have a look at our lovely book collection.

July Meeting – PARTY!!

Something to look forward to – we will be having a bit of a do at Kathy’s lovely house in Cardiff Bay on July 25th from about 7pm. More details to follow but put the date in your diary. Thanks Kathy!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Clare and Mel

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