BBC Countryfile Magazine April Issue

We are in it! Just had a fab day at the Heritage Coast Centre with 3 lovely guests, Jo (Editor) and Jenny (photographer) from Countryfile Magazine and Mel who writes for Bristol based magazine ‘The Spark’ The course was our Willow Weaving Taster Course where participants had a chance to make something from each of our courses. We started the day with brightly coloured willow hoops using gorgeous fresh gold, green and black willow. The we made some pretty hearts before starting work on a simple mini frame basket.

Lunch cooked by Cooking Camper was delicious, Squash, sage and thyme soup with bread straight from the oven and bean and potato salad, yum. We then took a walk up to through the gardens of Dunraven Castle to look at the stunning scenery and cliffs at Temple Bay.

The sun shone, fleeces came off and we worked to construct a twisted gothic arch at the bottom of the steps in the gardens. We used a mixture of purple, silvery gray and gold willow to create a simple but stunning structure which will hopefully grow well in the shelter of the walled garden.

Back to the centre to finish baskets and weave a simple plaited snail over a cream tea – we had a really lovely relaxing course and it was fantastic to hear Jo say at the end of the day ‘this has been one of my favourite day’s out – I think I finally found my craft!’

Thanks everyone for making the day such fun – the April issue will be on the shelves shortly, don’t miss your copy and hope to see you again soon!


One thought on “BBC Countryfile Magazine April Issue

  1. Thanks both – it was a wonderful day with fantastic company, delicious food – (thanks to Steve for also doing the washing up!) and some lovely hoops, hearts, baskets & snails.

    The weather was stunning and I highly recommend a visit to the Heritage Coast. There’s no better place than to start at Southerndown and walk through the walled gardens of Dunraven and enjoy the most spectacular view from the cliff tops.

    I also recommend having a go at willow weaving – you don’t need to be arty or creative, it’s a beautiful natural product and once you start – you’re hooked! Clare & Mel are both great enthusiastics, which is infectious and very patient. It’s amazing what they help us achieve in such a short time, with plenty of laughs.

    I can’t think of a better way to spend a day and am so pleased I’ve discovered this craft.

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